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Cyprus 2004 Coverage – Constant Weight Subscriptions

Well I warned you things would get exciting and they just did with the constant weight announcements this morning. Carlos Coste and Herbert Nitsch have both subscribed 102 metres but Martin has out maneuvered them with a 103 announcement.

I stood next to Martin at the board and he laughed, ‘I wish I had put the same as those guys, it would have made it more fun’. He knows that he can’t get the world record without the tag and so will have to go for it.

Here are the highlights of the next few days for you. These are some of the top subscriptions in the order that they dive:

Day One

  • Bill Stromberg 67m
  • Hayden Welch 65m
  • Johan Dalstrom 65m
  • Natalia Molchanova 65m
  • Castas Kyriokou 62m
  • Peter Colat 61m
  • Dennis Lyunberg 60m
  • Lotta Ericson 59m
  • Wolfram Neugebauer 56m
  • John Moorcroft 55m
  • Annabal Briseno 55m
  • Hannah Stacey 54m
  • Dave Harries 52m
  • Megumi Matsumoto 52m

Day Two

  • Ryuzo Shinomiya 84m
  • Timo Kinnunen 80m
  • Kazuaki Ichikowa 77m
  • Walter Steyn 75m
  • Deron Verbeck 70m
  • Ant Williams 70m
  • Fred Buyle 70m
  • Joseph Tufts 61m
  • Anne Marie Kitchen Wheeler 48m
  • Jessica Wilson 46m

Day Three

  • Martin Stepanek 103m
  • Carlos Coste 102m
  • Herbert Nitsch 102m

Well that should be enough to whet your appetite. I’m back off to the dynamic comp where we’ve already seen four national records fall. See here later this evening for the details!

Official Website

In addition to the coverage here, why not visit the Official Competition Website

Emma Farrell
Emma Farrell
Emma Farrell is one of the world’s leading freediving instructors and the author of the stunning book One Breath: A Reflection on Freediving. She has been freediving since 2001 and teaching since 2002. She is an Instructor Trainer with RAID, SSI, and AIDA, a founding member of the AIDA Education Commission and has written courses that are taught internationally, as well as her own specialty courses such as her course for surfers, spearfishing safety skills course and Gas Guzzler course.