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DAN To Highlight Diver Safety In June

In celebration of Dive Safety Month, the Divers Alert Network this week announced plans to highlight the importance of dive safety, training and education during the month of June:

“DAN’s wealth of important safety information will be delivered to recreational and professional divers using a multi-pronged, social media and online campaign designed to engage and inform the audience.

“DAN uses its social media channels as an indispensable tool to deliver content to divers. DAN‘s Facebook and Twitter pages are refreshed daily and feature important dive safety tips, articles, and quizzes on a variety of diving topics. To experience a richer, multimedia experience, DAN‘s YouTube page delivers safety messages in long and short form video segments. DAN‘s Dive Lab blog “dives deep into research” and offers medical articles about cardiovascular health, decompression illness, diving fatalities, fitness to dive, hazardous marine life and much more.

“In addition to social media, DAN.org is the portal to an extensive collection of dive safety articles based on research studies and projects, online seminars, and FAQs addressing medical concerns and conditions. DAN’s library of information spans a variety of categories including ear barotrauma, cardiovascular health, decompression illness and women’s health. In the near future, this information will also be made available to the diving community through public service announcements, informative brochures and educational videos.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydS_MDdQB80&list=PLhr_YHqKReC-CMNm4ULIrblOlBjehz4jg]

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