Divers Alert Network recently issued a poster that illustrates the risks of diving for lobsters during the two-day hunting season in Florida.

“Mini-season, also known as ‘sport-season,’ is an annual event that attracts thousands of divers to Florida to hunt lobster,” according to the organization. “Tragically, the season is tarnished by deaths that could have been prevented with better dive preparation and execution.”

Through its research, DAN has found that nearly half of all underwater hunting deaths in Florida waters over the past decade have been attributed to the two-day lobster season.

DAN Vice President Dr. Petar Denoble said the organization found that lobster hunters more often ran out of breathing gas and had a higher percentage of gas embolisms than non-hunters.

“This may have been due to the hunters becoming distracted and ignoring their gauges. Task overload can be very dangerous and our research suggests this too frequently results in death during mini-season,” he warned.

To view DAN’s new poster, click here.