Divers Alert Network announced this week it will be helping Kuwaiti scuba diver Reem Abdullah Al Edan in her upcoming attempt to break four scuba diving Guinness World Records.

The attempt is scheduled to take place at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas in Nassau in early March 2016.

DAN will assist Al Edan and her team as she attempts to spend up to 60 consecutive hours underwater. Not only will that become a new Guinness World Record, if successful she will set several other concurrent records as well.

“As the world’s most respected diving safety organization, DAN was contacted to be involved in this effort. DAN has confirmed that medical professionals will be on site to provide medical consultation and safety oversight during the record attempt. The organization’s research team will also collect data from the attempt to use in studies designed to enhance overall diving safety.”

For more information about the event, head over to Stuart Coves website.