What happens when you type in ‘extreme spearfishing’ on YouTube?  Fantastic fish, clean waters, big guns. Almost all videos showcase us the moments that would have taken our breaths away if we were there at the time.

But is deep water spearfishing always that ‘bright’?

In my own spearfishing life I have quite a few spots which I consider tough

  • they usually are deep (around 40m mark)
  • the bottom structure is somewhat challenging
  • there were times when you felt like it was just a bit too much to handle with a straight face

One such place is code-named ‘the Reef’. If it only were a person, ‘the Reef’ would be the meanest, yet most rewarding; cruelest, yet teaching; pushing, yet tempting person to ever cross your path.

This was the motivation behind the short film. The ‘dark side’ of deep spearfishing. The times when it all goes wrong. The times when you feel like you might not make it to the surface.

Actually, this is the motivation for me to put my wetsuit on, load my speargun and plunge down to ear-crushing depths. Again and again.