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Day 13 – A big dive day for all of us

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From Mandy:

Today is a big dive day for all of us. For me it’s my first VB dive below 100m, for Martin a new PB at 120m, and for Doc a new PB at 47m. The weather has calmed down a bit, but there’s still quite a swell that makes it fun, almost rodeo-like, during final breathe-ups on the sled.

Due to my sea sickness issues the guys are letting me take the first run. The dive starts off really well. I’m super relaxed as I start to make my way to a new personal best. I’m wearing my 7mm Oceaner/Performance freediving wetsuit, nose clip and 3mm paddling gloves. As I pass some of our safety divers I hear the usual calls from them to let me know they’re there rooting for me. Just before I hit bottom my sinuses stop clearing, forcing me to take my nose clip off. That’s what happens to sinuses after getting them flushed while body boarding.

After I hit my target depth I start to make my way back up. Once again, I can hear my safety divers saying, "Go Mandy!" as I pass them. Before I know it Kirk’s in front of me, escorting me on the final 25m to the surface. Once up I only need a few breaths before checking the gauge to confirm a new PB. Unfortunately I got a little squeeze and because of it I’ll switch to other disciplines for a few days to help let things settle out.

From Kirk:

Next up is Martin. His dive is like the previous dives except this time we’ll see him set a new PB of 120m. Unfortunately he also suffers a small squeeze and decides to take the following day off completely. After this Doc makes a new PB of 47m.

  • Martin VB 120m
  • Mandy VB 105m
  • Doc VB 47m