Day 15 – Easter Monday at Rum Point

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After a morning of catching up on some much needed rest, we head to Divetech to borrow some tools to make some adjustments to the sled’s brake. Currently, we can’t squeeze the rope hard enough before our brake materials touch, so we’re going to shave it down to allow us more squeeze. An hour later we’ve decided a island tour would be nice.

We squeeze ten of us into the van and head off to Rum Point. This takes us past Bodden Town and other areas effected by hurricane Ivan. The devastation is certainly more visible here than downtown and the West Bay area where we’re staying.

It’s Easter Monday and upon reaching Rum Point we can see it’s very busy. There’s the added attraction of Ugland Shipping’s Million Dollar Race finish. It’s brought in speed demons of all sorts.

Some chicken burgers and mudslides later we’re fed, happy and ready for our trip back.

Tonight it’s just Mandy, Martin, Doc and me heading off for dinner. Goh is staying behind to crunch digital code. Bamboo and sushi fill us up for dinner, and we’re all ready for an early night.