Decompression Sickness Booklet Added To DAN’s Health & Diving Reference Series

DAN Decompression Booklet
DAN Decompression Booklet

Divers Alert Network has added its Decompression Sickness Booklet to the agency’s Health & Diving Reference Series.

The new 40-page booklet “covers information including diagnosing and treating decompression sickness, medical conditions that may impact your risk of DCS and how to prevent getting bent,” according to DAN.

DAN launched its Health & Diving Reference Series in November 2014.

Bill Ziefle, President and CEO of Divers Alert Network, said:

“The addition of the new DCS booklet to the series is significant because it encompasses years of research and medical data condensed into a very user-friendly format. Knowing how to minimize the risk of DCS, how to identify potential symptoms and how to respond if a case occurs is essential to dive safety.”

DAN‘s 24-hour, seven-days-per-week Emergency Hotline gets about 400 calls per year, according to Dr. Petar Denoble, DAN‘s Vice President Mission.

“It is our responsibility to ensure the dive community has access to information that can assist with early detection and the management of a DCS injury to minimize risks,” Denoble said.

The new DCS booklet is the fourth in the series of booklets that also cover “Ears & Diving,” “Heart & Diving” and “Hazardous Marine Life.”

To download the new booklet, click here.


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