Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Agguato


Into the dark blue abyss… The spearo effortlessly glides down… The journey he is onto is a tough one. The fish is deep and clever. The spearo is well prepared, both physically and mentally.

Therefore we face a unique challenge – who is the smarter one?

The first episode of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia 2.0 focused on Aspetto. We looked at what it takes to be as stealthy as possible. But what if being a static hunter does not work? In such instances you step your game up… You switch to Agguato.

The ‘Agguato‘ is a very demanding spearfishing technique. Originally an Italian word, it corresponds to the ‘dynamic ambushing’. The spearo navigates the bottom and tries to use the environment to get closer to the sought after prey. Sounds easy? Not so fast…

First of all, consider some elements so crucial to a successful Agguato:

  • Bottom structure?
  • Current?
  • Visibility?
  • Depth?
  • Vertical change of the bottom layout?
  • Obstacles?
  • Shadows?
  • Fish behavior?

Needless to say, the list goes on and on. Becoming a master of a good Agguato is a dream of many spearos around the World. Agguato professionals hunters are the elite, they are smart, flexible and extremely efficient in their spearfishing.

In this episode successful spearos from Cyprus, Spain and Greece provide some of their ideas related to Agguato. What should you pay attention to? How should you reason in different situations? What should you consider to be more efficient?