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Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Aspetto

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia is taking you on to a new journey into the abyss…

You take a full breath, perform a fluid duck dive and start to kick your way into the dark blue. Eyes closed, you are waiting for the fall. It will take you further.

Your mission is to land a decent prey. From the surface you are not sure about its presence, but you hope for the best and ready to take your chance. This is where the differences between ‘spearfishing’ and ‘clever spearfishing’ start.

This episode of ‘Encyclopedia’ focuses on Aspetto (Italian for ‘ambushing’)

Ambushing is a tough but fruitful spearfishing technique. As you go down you have to plan the whole dive, the speed and direction of the fall, your landing position, estimate the bottom conditions, potential prey, and so on. But of course, planning is only an element. Sticking to your plans is a whole another story.

Keeping your Aspetto under control is not an easy task, huh? ‘Encyclopedia’ brings together an elite group of deep spearos to help you crack the code. Yuri Cina, Marko Panunzio, Dimos Adamis and me try to analyse the ‘ideal Aspetto’ and share our thoughts with you.

This is the first episode of the ‘Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia 2.0’ with latter episodes focusing on crucial elements of deep spearfishing such as Aguatto (dynamic ambushing), Control, Adaptation, others.

If you are ready to step up your own spearfishing game, then be sure to check the first season of the Encyclopedia too.

Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov is's Mediterranean specialist. With a passionate dedication he promotes the idea of "spearfishing - an art" and offers unique 'tailored for spearos' freediving courses in the island of Cyprus.