Thursday, November 30, 2023
DEMA Show CoverageDeepblu Wants You To Connect With The Rest Of The Dive World

Deepblu Wants You To Connect With The Rest Of The Dive World


Imagine a place where you can upload and share your dive logs and dive profiles, find great places to dive, find dive buddies, post photos and videos, follow your favorite non-profit organizations, and along the way, rate and follow dive sites, dive shops, and even instructors. Madlen Muller, Director of Community Management for, helped us discover exactly that place during DEMA Show 2017, and it was wondrous.

Divers can upload their dive logs manually or by using Deepblu Connect, a free app that connects with dive computers from Shearwater (the most recent addition), ScubaPro, TUSA, and Deepblu’s own Cosmiq dive computer. Deepblu expects to add other manufacturers to its “Elite Fleet” as the platform grows.

Shearwater Joins Deepblu
Shearwater Joins Deepblu

The company presently has 45,000 active divers on the site. Once uploaded, dive logs can be expanded and shared. Planet Deepblu, which was launched at this year’s DEMA Show, provides instant information on locations around the globe.

So, you’ve just finished diving your favorite dive spot, you’ve uploaded your dive log with the day’s dives, and now you can add to the listing for that actual dive site. You can discuss the dive shop or dive boat you used and rate each, you can rate the site itself, and even give a review of the site including information that only someone who has dived the site can provide.

Instantly, users on the other side of the world can find the site, the shop, and all of the information they’ll need to plan their next dive trip. They can flip through the photos and videos you and other divers have added and even connect with you and others who have been there or want to go there. Other divers can view your dive log, see profiles, and figure out exactly where they want to go next.

There are groups and forums that help divers connect with each other to share information, find a new buddy, and even plan a trip. The country and region pages offers an overview of the area, the weather, and even the tides at your chosen site. You can browse dive operations, their staff rosters, services offered, and read actual reviews from other divers. All of the data on the platform is user-generated so there is no corporate bias pointing you toward one operation or another.

Imagine that you now have the power to eliminate wasting coveted vacation days going on trips during the wrong season or wasting a boat trip on a dive site that doesn’t really interest you. Imagine knowing the best parts of the dive to focus upon in advance, knowing your profile in advance, and seeing exactly what you hope to see. Yes, Deepblu does that, too.

You can register and use Deepblu for free; they have no plans to charge users to use the platform at any time in the future. To register, just go to

Branon Edwards
Branon Edwards
Branon Edwards is a PADI Certified Divemaster who has been scuba diving in South Florida for over three decades. He is a real estate broker and freelance writer who lives on a sailboat in Fort Lauderdale.