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DEMA 2006 Special: The Funky Stuff

Got motion sickness?

On land, in the air or at sea J&M Distributors claims they have the solution for anybody experiencing motion sickness. Their simple and magical cure: a tiny vial of essential oils called MotionEAZE. Different than other motion sickness medications, MotionEAZE allegedly stops motion sickness AFTER it starts and apparently provides instant relief when properly applied. The symptoms of motion sickness begin in the inner ear. When MotionEAZE oil is applied just behind each ear lobe the oil is absorbed through the skin. The active ingredients travel to and calm the inner ear, in turn calming the symptoms. Containing no artificial additives, stimulants or drugs of any kind, MotionEAZE is an all natural solution that removes nausea and is guaranteed to work. Guaranteed or you get a full refund from the manufacturer

We will be doing some real and controlled DB field tests of our own using this new found curing oil on a few dive master guinea pigs and we’ll get back to you all with whatever the results are – good, bad or neutral.

(Francesca Koe)

Microban QGC

You wake up in the morning, looking forward to packing up for an upcoming dive trip to Truk Lagoon in the South Pacific. When you open the closet where you store your wetsuit, the downright funky smell that emanates nearly keels you over.

Or how about this: You get to Truk and realize you forgot your regulator, and wind up having to rent it from the dive shop. How many mouths do you think have kissed the regulator you rent?

Coraopolis, PA-based Microban Systems this week introduced a special cleaner the company developed that not only cleans your diving gear, it disinfects and deodorizes as well. Microban QGC’s formula also includes a fungicide, mildewstat, virucide and bactericide all in one.

(John Liang)

Herbal Tea for Divers

Yet another unusual product we found on the show floor at DEMA, Diversitea pronounces itself as the tea for divers. Developed by a woman named Janine Davis, Diversitea comes in two blends: Original and Sunset. Both teas are allegedly able to remove nitrogen waste from the body through the ingestion of Molybdenum a trace mineral that plays a role in the control of aging in the body, along with the formation of uric acid (purine metabolism), which is a powerful antioxidant. This tea was created with myriad herbal supplements such as galangal, hibiscus and orange peel so the tea is supposed to taste good – but if you take this one woman’s opinion it tastes awful and leaves a bitter/chemical aftertaste in your mouth. You be the judge.

(Francesca Koe)

Glow in the dark dog collars…..

Yes, I know this seems totally weird to list as an item at a dive show but leave it to NiteIze to bring all things luminescent to the show, including their glow-in-the-dark-dog collars. The main scuba related product they were featuring, however, were LED wands or night diving sticks which last up to 20 hours on full power – a great replacement for chemicals sticks on night dives. Light up your life.

(Francesca Koe)

Liquid Gloves

SEATEC is showing off its newest innovation and it is uniquely unlike any other dive gear on the DEMA show floor. Its latest offering is a product by the name of “Liquid Glove”. This new product is actually an antibacterial hand lotion that forms a protective barrier on the hands, face, or any part of the skin it is applied to.

Liquid Glove is has been dermatologically tested and is proven to protect the skin from harsh elements. One application will last for four hours or more, even with repeated washes. Protection against light jellyfish stings, mild acids, inks, and caustic grime are a few of benefits Seatec claims with its newest product. Look for it on store shelves January of 2007.

(Jim Doe)

Deep Outdoors – Six Gill Fins

Named as a Scuba Lab’s “Testers Choice”, Six Gill Fins appear to not only be a much smaller product but claim to be more stable and more efficient than traditional power and split fins. Designed by diver and extreme body surfer John Wagner, these fins were created to stir up less silt and provide the swimmer or diver with more power and stability – all in a smaller, lighter-weight fin. The fins have six gills which truthfully do look a bit bizarre, but the designer says these gills will allow for dual direction water channeling to take advantage of water flow and to do the work for you. The six gill fins are ideal for wreck and cave divers as they are compact and created to keep silt or sand stir up. Frog kicking suggested.

Stay tuned for our DB follow-up as we will be doing a user test and review of the six gill fins over the next few weeks.

(Francesca Koe)

The Amphibian

Brothers Abraham and Ronen Moyal have been in R&D for over 5 years to develop what they are calling a revolutionary new fin mechanism. We walked into Abraham on the show floor at DEMA wearing a pair of this original design — fins with blades that pivot up on hinges on both sides of the foot. When flipped up the Amphibian is actually reminiscent of a person wearing snow-boarding boots. The Amphibian is a two-piece fin brought together by the Aquau-Hinge mechanism, which comprises a molded locking structure, blade hinge assembly and military grade anti-corrosive springs. The Moyal brothers are hoping to have recreational divers and the US Coast Guard outfitted in their inventions. Currently available in colors of blue, yellow, green and grey, OmegaAquatics plans to add more features like interchangeable blades in the coming year. Developed in Illinois these fins are proudly made in the USA.

(Francesca Koe) DEMA Team DEMA Team
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