DEMA 2006 Special: Well Known Photographer Michael AW Publishes New Book on North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Michael AW, well known author and photographer, released his new book Beneath North Sulawe Sea at the DEMA Show.  The book follows a theme of twenty-four hours of life underwater in North Sulewesi, Indonesia.  The book displays remarkable images of life on the reef and never before seen marine life behavior.  Michael has managed to capture the feel of what it must be like to dive right beside him while he is photographing.

Michael has managed to capture the very best of North Sulawesi.  The book follows life underwater from dawn to dawn, dividing the book into three time themes.  Wide-angle scenics mix with ultra macro images of pygmy seahorses.  One set of images captures three mimic behaviors of a mimic octopus, well known resident of this region.  Michael has once again managed to use a balance of light and technique to capture images that simply will never be seen anywhere else.  He used a combination of strobe and HID lighting, mixing in available light images as well.

The limited edition version of the book features a DVD with original music by Eric Bettens.  The DVD takes the book one step further by displaying many more images than are housed in the book often cutting to video segments of the same subject.  The book is well laid out and is a visual experience that will take you to North Sulawesi.