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DEMA Show 2004: Introduction

Well, it’s another year and it’s time for the DEMA Trade Show, this time based in Houston, Texas, USA. 2004 has been a tough year for the industry but all major organisations are helping to spread the message that there is reason to be optimistic. Travel is starting to return to pre-9/11 levels, initiatives across major organisations are helping to focus professionals minds and businesses and this is reflected by a more upbeat level of conversation by exhibitors and attendees alike.

An encouraging sign is the Cayman Islands booths. After the numerous hurricanes hit the Carribean over the last few months has meant the islands being devasted, however talking with dive centre operators they say everyone has pulled together and the islands are tremendous recovery.

After an evening out at the PADI Social, where there are some exciting initiatives (more on that in another article later), and catching up with a few of the British Divers based around the world (the evening being quite civilised, although based on past behaviour we can expect some interesting stories by the end of the week), I started walking around the show. As per usual the show is suitably large with over 650 exhibitors from a very diverse range of areas of the industry.

The FreeDiving World will be happy to hear the Carlos Coste, current Constant Weight World Champion, was in attendance this morning and we’ll have an exclusive interview with him later in the week.

So, stay tuned to for some highlights from the show floor.

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