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DEMA Show 2004: Report 2

DEMA is the show for the diving industry and it’s various sub-cultures to smooze, be seen, launch new products and, based on the popularity of the Hilton Bar, socialise. After a seemingly slow first day, floor foot traffic seems to be picking up. I’m also hearing comments that whilst traffic levels are still lower than previous years the quality seems to much higher. It does seem to be that DEMA’s initiatives during the year have paid off.

Some of today’s highlights from the show include:

  • Daily Seminars include a presentation on the new DEMA initiatve Ships to Reefs. Jay Straith and Dick Long, with their team of “sea-fan-atics,” encourage you to learn more about the economic potential of a series of dive sites along the coast of the United States. Information can be obtained at the Ships to Reef area adjacent to the DEMA booth on The Show floor.
  • The Silent Auction is near the registration area, at the entrance to the exhibit area. An outstanding collection of art, travel and equipment is available. You can bid on items until 8 PM on Friday – at the ‘Galaxy of Good Times’ DEMA Awards Party

Today’s highlights from booths on the show floor are:

  • Walker Bay Boats has a very attractive series of products over at booth #521. Speaking to Ken Fritz and looking at their small, fun, versatile and afforable boats they have an exellent product that every diver should look to own. Head over to booth #521 or goto
  • Gates Underwater Housings over at booth #427 have their usual presence presence and boy do they have some excellent toys for underwater video enthusiasts. We’re going to be doing some in-depth reviews of their new products in the coming weeks but this booth should be the destination for any U/W Video Pro or Enthusiast. Check out for more information or goto booth #427.
  • I bumped into on the show floor. We’ve covered their exciting dive trips for Singletons before, but watch out for major changes on their website
  • I popped by the Vancouver Island Tourist Board at booth #1200 for a catch up with friends from the Scuba Support team at the FreeDiving World Championships back in August. The diving around Vancouver Island is spectacular (and was one of Cousteau’s favourite destinations) so is well worth a visit. Head over to or booth #1200

So there are the highlights from today. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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