DEMA Show 2009: Day 2

Day 2 of DEMA drew to a close yesterday and everyone rested their sore feet from a day of walking miles on the show floor.  It was an exciting day with lots of interesting news being reported, including the new DEMA president, and we managed to snag a number of exclusive video interviews as seen below.  The team were a little busy on interviews so not as many photos were taken but we promise to make up for it in tomorrows coverage!

So without further delay please read on for our Day 2 coverage.

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List of Coverage News Items

 – National Geographic Introduces Brand-Name Snorkeling Equipment
 – Cayago, Makers Of Seabob, Aim For Navy SEALs At DEMA
 – Save The Mantas At DEMA
 – Jim Byrem Named President of DEMA Board of Directors
 – New Divers’ Energy Drink Introduced at DEMA
 – Cancun Unveils World’s Largest Underwater Museum
 – Got Tail?
 – First Dive Computer Powered by Dual Algorithm
 – PFI To Launch Underwater Scooter Race



 DEMA 2009 - 2 - Henderson 1

Henderson Spearfishing Suit

DEMA 2009 - 2 - Henderson 2

Henderson Suit Beavertail

DEMA 2009 - 2 - Mandy-Rae

Mandy-Rae Krack of Performance Freediving

DEMA 2009 - 2 - Tim Calver

Underwater Photographer Tim Calver giving a presentation in the Imaging area