AquaSketch has introduced a new range of waterproof vellum checklists for the company’s “Minno” underwater notebook, sketchpad and reference scroll system at DEMA 2012.

The  Minno holds up to eight feet of waterproof velllum, which a diver can set up a checklist of his or her own, or choose from a selection of pre-printed templates.

Current or soon-to-be available pre-printed vellum templates include:  Five dive logs; Instructor Log;  Multi-Purpose — General Use;  Multi-Purpose — Graph, Lines, Blank;  Caribbean Fish ID; California Fish ID;  Hawaiian Fish ID;  Pacific Rim Fish ID;  Florida Fish ID;  Fish ID Chart;  Numbered Graph;  Numbered Lined;  Photo Log;  Blank;  Single Dive Log – Blank;  Cave Diving; and Wreck Diving.

The AquaSketch retails for $49.95, and the templates, which the company calls “Apps,” are $10 each. AquaSketch also offers custom printing. Go to for more information.

Keep tuned for our extensive coverage (as well as previous years coverage) of DEMA 2012 during November 14-17, 2012 in our DEMA Show Coverage.

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