DivingGlobal is introducing a new, cloud-based software at DEMA 2012 that allows dive-related businesses — dive boats, dive shops, resorts, etc — to manage their business in the cloud, allowing their customers and prospects to register for classes, register for trips, etc, according to a company exec.

“We’ve automated that entire process into an automated workflow that sends those completed documents and forms back to a customer as they sign up for trips and classes,” the exec told DeeperBlue.com. “The next level of that is how we can help in analyzing the data behind the scenes, so of those people who have registered for trips and classes, we can actually show the dive store owners and charter boat owners how they can leverage that data to go sell more, to cross-sell, help sell products and those trips and classes.

“It can look at demographics in the company-developed, cloud based system, and how they can build their business based on utilizing open, mobile and social means,” the exec continued. “Open is the salesforce platform that allows people to use a lot of different apps that are out there, Mobile is it’s 100 percent cloud-based and on any kind of mobile device, and Social incorporates Facebook, Twitter etc linked in and plugged directly into the system, allowing a dive business one place to go to communicate with their customers, all from one hub.”

For more info, go to www.divingglobal.com.

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