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Deptherapy’s Rehab Program Validated By Academic Study


Deptherapy’s rehabilitation program has had its success further validated by the results of a new academic study.

The research conducted by the University of Sheffield Medical School demonstrated the effectiveness of the program in the psychological rehabilitation of UK Armed Forces veterans.

This is the fourth piece of academic research since 2016 to validate the methods and program of Deptherapy since 2016. The report used quantitative and qualitative methods to measure how beneficiaries perceived their wellbeing.

While the whole report is still pending journal publication, key findings showed that respondents noted improvement in their psychological state across different parameters by a significant margin.

Commenting about the research, Dr. Richard Cullen, the chair of Deptherapy, stated:

“I am very grateful to the students from the University of Sheffield who conducted this supervised research project. This is a very positive piece of research which, once again, validates that the Deptherapy way of supporting the psychological rehabilitation of our beneficiaries is working as we intended. Following the impact of the withdrawal from Afghanistan last year, 2022 is a year in which Deptherapy is expanding our mental health profile to ensure that our beneficiaries, and their family groups, have access to the very best sources of support and advice to hone their psychological rehabilitation and resilience.”

While Dr. Richard Castle, the VP and Mental Health Adviser to Deptherapy, stated:

“This Study has, in line with previous academic research, demonstrated that scuba diving itself can provide a sense of calm and achievement. However, the study also demonstrates that a sustained perception of positive mental wellbeing post-diving is critically dependent on there being a long-term supportive community out of the water. That is exactly what Deptherapy sets out to achieve, both in fostering a sense of belonging and also in providing support to our beneficiaries and their family groups through our peer-buddy scheme and a 24/7 hotline for people in mental or emotional distress.”

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