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Discovery Channel casts Realtor/Builder

On September 5th at 8 pm Discovery Channel is scheduled to release the reenactment of an 11-year-old Aaron Perez, a shark attack survivor from Freeport, Texas. This story received local and national press when a bull shark locked its jaws on Aaron’s forearm while trout fishing. Together Don Townes, family friend and Aaron’s father Blas Perez fought off the bull shark attack.

It was early morning while they were wade-fishing at Bryan Beach in Freeport, Texas when Aaron just caught the first fish and seconds later a shark attacked him. He yelled for help as the shark bit his leg then clamped down on his right forearm. Don Townes and Blas where in knee deep water about 20 yards apart and Aaron in waist-deep water between them when the shark attack occurred. Aaron tried to fight the shark off by hitting him with his fist until Don and Blas arrived and started hitting the shark with their fishing poles.

"This is a quick moving story, had Don and Blas not been thinking clearly and fast along with the local emergency officials and Hermann Hospital sending a helicopter this child might not have only lost his arm he could have lost his life," comments Jim Neidner.

Cast as one of the leading characters Jim said, "I’m honored to have been selected to play Don for the Discovery Channel documentary. This is a story that should get public attention if you live close to the ocean or vacationing. It only takes having one unlucky minute while wading or swimming in knee deep water that could change your life for ever. There are aggressive creatures in the ocean and should not be taken for granted."

Jim Neidner, is a Houston Realtor and home builder/remodeler, and former radio host on Homeline Talk Radio at KPRC-950. Jim worked with a talented Houston acting cast of Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency. Casting director was Lori Fickman of Houston and the Producer was Kathy Abbott from New York with NBC-News for the Discovery Channel.

Acting is one of Jim’s hobbies, "Others like to play golf, I like to play people," said Neidner. No longer hosting the radio home show Jim said he still enjoys helping people on the internet with their home questions and/or concerns at

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.