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Dive Industry Icon Gravely Ill

Paul Tzimoulis & Geri Murphy Dive Industry Icon and ardent spokesperson, Paul Tzimoulis, is gravely ill due to an undisclosed illness and his health is deteriorating.

For over 40 years, Paul has made a major impact on the diving community. Paul was the guiding force at Skin Diver Magazine for 34 years, during its phenomenal growth period. He has been on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors of numerous organizations, on Instructor Certification Boards for several diver-training groups, and involved in every aspect of sport diving.

Paul has been a major driving force behind the development of the dive travel industry as we know it today. The hundreds of articles and thousands of underwater photographs he has produced are well respected by his peers and experts around the world.

Through Paul’s business skills, leadership and wisdom, he has greatly helped to advance diving and ocean technology.

As part of the Pioneers Recognition Program developed by Ed Cargile, he is putting together an Electronic Scrapbook for Paul. The Scrapbook will be in several volumes. The Scrapbook will contain a lengthy biography about Paul from the book, Pioneers In Diving. Most importantly, the Scrapbook will have hundreds of messages to Paul and his wife, Geri Murphy, herself, a leading diving industry icon in her own right. Included in the Scrapbook will be photos of Paul and Geri at many different functions.

"I am very much in favor of this project." says Geri. "My only request is that we hurry."

The goal of the Scrapbook is to let Paul know how much the international diving community has appreciated all the effort he has put into his dedicated career.

Send all messages and photos as an email to Ed Cargile at Have the messages as an attachment to the email in MS Word or in Text format. Make the message positive and uplifting. Humorous events will be greatly appreciated. Do not mention anything about the illness or your sadness. Include your full contact information so Geri can thank you at the appropriate time.

Also send photos as attachments to the email to Ed Cargile, in .tif format (for better quality control). Photos in .jpg format can be used (but may lose quality). Make photos approximately 2′ horizontal, at a scan rate of about 72 dpi. Contact Ed for further details and a detailed biography of Paul.

This project is being sponsored by The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (presenter of the NOGI Awards). Until recently, Paul Tzimoulis was Chairman of the Board of AUAS. Between Paul and Ralph White (AUAS President), the Academy has made considerable progress in a short time. Please visit the AUAS Website at

Because of his serious illness, time is of the essence. Your quick response will greatly help Paul. Through our combined efforts, this may dramatically help Paul feel the warmth and affection that everyone has for him.

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.


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