Dive off the Beaten Track – Kish Island

Kish Island is a free-zone area, pertaining to Iran. It is surprisingly beautiful, and lies 18 kilometres south of Iran’s southern coast, and about 300 kilometres away from Bandar-Abbas.

It is only 13 kilometres long running east to west, with sparkling waters and white sandy beaches. Unbeknown to most, Kish Island houses untouched coral reefs and rare fish species.

You can fly to Kish Island from the U.A.E. easily, and no tourist visa is required. The shopping is all duty free, and there are bazaars, shops, hotels and even a PADI dive centre (Kish Diving School).

And for those who are crazy about Persian Rugs, the 14th Persian Rug Expo will be held in Teheran (Iran) from August 22-28 this year. Kish Island also sports a Persian carpet festival every year.

Kish is a great diving destination with a difference, to end off a cultural Middle-Eastern trip.

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