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Dive Rite Cuts The Cable With The Launch Of The LX20 Handheld Light

Dive Rite has augmented their lighting range with the launch of the LX20 at DEMA Show 2014 in Las Vegas.

Dive Rite, LX20, Torch, Flashlight, Lighting System, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, DEMA Show, scuba diving equipment, Deeper BlueMarketing Director Jared Hires explained to DeeperBlue.com that Dive Rite wanted to create a handheld primary light that suits any diver; be they entry level, an experienced recreational diver, a cave or a technical diver.

As our diving experience grows, our equipment requirements change. Divers build a relationship with their equipment and it can sometimes be quite sad when you hang up something for the last time because you have outgrown it. We thought it would be a great idea if there was some core kit (outside the obvious mask and fins) that the diver can retain and continue to actively dive in home waters or more exotic climates. We believe this to be the most versatile primary light on the market.”

The LX20 is small on size and big on light. This compact torch delivers 20,000 LUX, easily outshining many corded primary lights on the market today. It is quite natty and compact (6” / 15cm long and 2” / 5cm diameter) and lightweight (1.25 lbs / 0.56 kg) making it the perfect size for diving either handheld, on mounted on the hand using the Dive Rite soft mount. And it can easily be clipped off to a harness or bcd because it has three different hole / attachment points you can tie a clip to.

According to Dive Rite, the secret of this torch are the four Lithium Ion rechargeable 18650 3400ma protected-circuit batteries, combined with a unique LED chip. These two factors maximise the LX20‘s output and efficiency. The result is a 4 hours burntime on high power, 6 hours on low power and 36 hours in strobe mode.

For more information, check out the Dive Rite website.


Rosemary E Lunn
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