Diver dies in suspected crocodile attack

Sydney – A man is believed to have been killed by a large crocodile while scuba-diving off Australia’s remote north coast on Thursday, the second fatal crocodile attack in five days.

The 56-year-old man was diving with a friend at Trepang Bay on the Cobourg Peninsula, north of tropical Darwin, when he was attacked.

The police said he had sustained injuries consistent with a crocodile attack. His body, which was recovered on Thursday, was taken to Darwin for examination to determine the cause of death.

They praised the man’s unidentified friend who reported him missing after he failed to surface from a dive.

Despite the shock of the attack, the friend marked their exact location with a distress beacon before calling for help, which arrived several hours later. He told the police he had seen a large crocodile in the area after the attack.

"Despite the pressure, the man did everything possible to help in the search for the diver," said Superintendent Dean McMaster. – Reuters

Source: The Mercury