Divers Find Missing British WW2 Sub Off Danish Coast

Divers Find Missing British WW2 Sub HMS Tarpon Off Danish Coast

Divers recently found a British submarine that was sunk by a German armed merchant ship in the North Sea in 1940.

HMS Tarpon, an 84-meter/276-foot-long submarine, was sunk following an attack on the armed German merchant vessel Schürbek on April 10, 1940. All of the Tarpon’s 59 crew perished.

The sub was found at a depth of 40 meters/131 feet off the coast of Thyborøn, Denmark last March. Maritime history buff Gert Normann Andersen, founder of local company JD-Contractors that usually searches for World War I sunken ships — particularly those from the Battle of Jutland — along with British submarine specialist Innes McCartney, subsequently dove down to the wreck site.

Normann Andersen, who manages a maritime history museum in Thyborøn specializing on the World War I Battle of Jutland, told the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten:

“Tarpon is an unusual find, especially so close to Jutland. It was a very special feeling for us to see the submarine wreck after its dramatic end.”

Check out 3D sonar scans of HMS Tarpon in the video below.