Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Divers Identified After Facebook Campaign


UPDATE 22:30 GMT Sunday 8th March: We understand that the people in the photo have been identified and authorities are going through legal proceedings. There has been some unfortunate negative backlash against those trying to seek information about these divers on Facebook. In response we have removed social media links as well as updated this article with the latest information.

Capt Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, who had issued a reward for information on the divers, has also remove his social media posts on the topic.


Freedivers, Spearos and Scuba Divers woke up to a terrible sight on Facebook on Saturday 7th March.   A picture of 4 freedivers posing over the body of a dead dolphin.

The original Facebook post was made on 23rd May 2014 from Pisa, Italy and put out a call to every share the photo in an effort to identify, shame and bring to justice the divers in the photo. Originally no matches were found for the divers but renewed interest has meant that we understand authorities have identified and are dealing with the men in the photo.

The Dolphin Killers - Facebook Full

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelanhttps://www.deeperblue.com
Stephan is the Founder of DeeperBlue.com. His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a lifelong love affair with the oceans. In 1996 he set up DeeperBlue.com and helped grow the site to be one of the largest diving websites around today.


  1. Sorry people, but as a pro photographer I feel there is something not quite right about this picture and my oppinion is it has been photoshop’d. The shaddow details don’t quite ring true so before you all post like mad as a result of becomming emmotionally hijacked, you may like to check it out more thoroughly. This comes across as somebody possibly fabricating a hate campaign for the people in the picture. Free-divers take their past time far too seriously to hunt dolphons.

    • so the best you can come up with as a self professed pro Photographer is “The shaddow details don’t quite ring true” and you can’t even spell shadow right? Yeah sure you seem legit…. not

    • Peter Jackson – As a trained photographer, I must disagree with you on your artistic assessment.

      As for divers – some love dolphins, some don’t. It sounds like you are someone who doesn’t.

  2. They are not italians, and the place is not Italy. Please do not start a stupid persecution: watch the picture better and ask yourself few things.

    • It was posted in Italy jackass, nobody said the picture was taken in Italy. The person who uploaded it lives in Italy.

  3. People find all sorts of Radom items/ deceased creatures washed up on shorelines and take Radom pictures of their finds for personal amusement and or validation. No reason to start a witch hunt, there’s more important things to conserve for negative energy for like ISIS. How many pictures have you seen over the years of washed up dead whales and dead sharks with tourists over the years?…same deal. If people spent more time making intelligent reactions factually based versus emotional, the world would be a better place.

    • So? to stand on top of it with a smile says a lot about those individuals’ humanity. Would you stand over something that died with glee?
      What is the point? SHOW SOME RESPECT TO A LIFE LOST.

  4. The animal doesn’t appear speared, no visible blood or trauma. So these guys posed with a dead beached porpoise as a joke, like “look at the big fish we got!”, fuckn relax people.

  5. If in fact they are not guilty of anything….then the evidence will sort that out. That indeed is a legit picture, it does not matter what nationality they are, or where it occurred…nor does is ‘prove’ they are responsible for that animals death, or disprove. If indeed they have identified these individuals, it is now up to the legitimate authority get to the bottom of it all. No one here can make a realistic, fair or legal conclusion from the ‘blogs sphere’ regarding one side or the other in this case. Glad SS took the initiative to sort this out, now it should be handled by the on site authorities. For Christ’s sake, what in the hell is so hard to understand about any of this?


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