Divers Salvage Lost Beer

Does it get any better than this for salvage divers. Brewery chiefs had to call in divers to salvage beer which had rolled from a truck and into a 6ft (2m) deep pond.

The truck had apparently lost its load on a road near a pond and after the police had assisted the driver to reload (after fending off thirsty motorists). They discovered that they were still 21 kegs short.

Divers were then called in and hauled out 17 barrels, leaving four still unaccounted for – which means that 352 pints are still missing.

For the avid salvage diver in the UK – the pond runs into the River Fowey near Liskeard. Are the police worried about the lost beer – apparently not!

An officer is quoted as saying "You would have to be pretty desperate to search for beer underwater in this weather" .

"He obviously hasnt met a lot of the diving fraternity – ed "

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