For those of us who are not quite ready to dig out the winter gear just yet, diving fashion retailer Divesangha has put together an excellent collection of matching items for men and women.

To hold on to those final days of summer, some of the bundles include:

  • Men’s- Divers T-Shirts and Basic Edition 2 Black Shorts, £55/US$72
  • Men’s- Shoal T-shirt and Basic Edition 2 Grey Shorts, £55/$72
  • Men’s- Calypso Ocean Blue T-shirt and Basic Edition 1 Grey Shorts £60/$78.5
  • Men’s- Calypso Rash Guard and Calypso Dive Shorts £72/$94
  • Women’s- Divers T-shirt and Basic Edition 1 Black Shorts £50/$65
  • Women’s- Calypso Sky Top and Basic Edition 1 White Shorts £62/$81
  • Women’s- Calypso Silver Top and Basic Edition 2 Black Shorts £72/$94
  • Women’s- Calypso Rash Guard and Dive Shorts – £59.84/$78

You can check out the full range of Divesangha products here.