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Divevolk Unveils Revolutionary New Technology: DiveAssistant

The time has come, you can now utilize the touch screen on your iPhone underwater alongside the hardware buttons down to 165ft/50m via Divevolk Intelligence’s sleek, compact, road-tested case.

You can also use your iPhone’s compass function underwater, take photos with a retractable strobe called the SeaLight and choose your music with the SeaHear underwater headphones on those lengthy deco stops.

The company says:

“SeaTouch is more than just a housing for Smartphones for underwater photography. It brings new diving experiences with unique safety functions and a stylish design.”

On the surface you can make a call, use the emergency call if you have no reception, send a text to your buddy and use the GPS for navigation to find your exit point or reunite with your boat.

While the retail price will be US$368/~323 Euros, the company is currently crowdfunding the DiveAssistant now on Indiegogo, where you have the opportunity for one month to join their campaign and receive a 40% discount if you pledge to buy one as part of the campaign.

For more info, check out the campaign page here or watch the video below.

(Remember this is a crowdfunding campaign so you are helping to fund development of a project but not a finished product. Please make sure you research the project before spending any money.)

— Victoria Brown DEMA Team DEMA Team
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