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Diving Unlimited International: What’s Hot?

A natural progression that is on the mind of every drysuit diver is warmth. It must be to make such a big financial leap from wetsuit to dry but where does one go once we’ve pulled the trigger on our brand new Drysuit?

DUI has your answer in the BlueHeat insulation series. It may not be the newest addition to the DUI family (the affordable Yukon Drysuit is) but BlueHeat screams, “You want this!”

Say goodbye to the bulky insulation. Looking more like a skin than a suit that houses the wires and heating pads sectioned out to the torso, hands and feet for individual comfort and control; this suit allows for a downgrade in insulation. A bittersweet uncoupling with the PolarTec undergarment leaving you more room and motion; need I say more?

Oh but of course, this beast’s battery fully charged has the ability to run at 100-percent power for two hours, along with the ability to change your settings to 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent giving you different temperatures during the dive and a longer battery life. DUI also has addressed the concern my Tec friends might have with the battery life: Just bring another fully charged battery along with you and replace it underwater!

Now let’s talk about safety. This battery is a Lithium Iron one, which is the safer battery technology that WON’T blow up like some cell phone batteries. The suit has sensors that will detect if the pads are overheating. Also, if a heating pad breaks it is not going to open circuit the electrical system. Happy to hear DUI thought that through, I would hate to see the Christmas lights effect happen to the suit’s heating element.

Are you in the market for a drysuit? There is an app for that! Seriously, DUI has a super helpful app that will customize your suit and all the accessories. This way you can go into your dive shop and order your drysuit with confidence. Are you in the market for a BlueHeat? Well after this discussion, so am I!

The whole system — Liner, Smart Battery System and Controller, Port and Charger — retails for US$2999/2820 Euros.

For more information, check out the DUI website at

By Mike Sasso DEMA Team DEMA Team
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