Doc's Pro Plugs – Ultimate Ear Protection and More

Ear infections are one of the top reasons divers are forced to stay out of the water, but there is a valuable piece of equipment that can help all water lovers.

Doc’s Pro Plugs are nothing new, they have been developed and refined since 1977. The pro plugs have been design to prevent swimmers ear and eardrum rupture. Their vented pro plugs allow equalization so they can be worn for anything from swimming laps to freediving and spearfishing as well as SCUBA. Many find that the pro plugs even help ease equalization. World record holder Martin Stepanek has used and endorsed the Pro Plugs for the same reasons.

The Pro Plugs are available in kids and adult sizes and seal your ear allowing only minimal water inside. A sizing or combo kit can be ordered from any dealer to determine proper fit and single pairs of ProPlugs can be had for around $15 – a small price to pay to help prevent ear infections! –Will Wiggins

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