Dogtooth Wetsuits Making a Flashy Splash

Dogtooth Wetsuits with "Flasher" scale pattern visited with Dogtooth Tuna at The Blue Wild Expo to check out their new line of flashy spearfishing in collaboration with famed spearo and freediver Roger Yazbeck, have introduced a new line of wetsuits for the spearo.

Featuring premium Yamamoto 45 Neoprene, the Dogtooth wetsuit is designed to attract as much as camouflage. The scale pattern and reflective surface on the shoulder and hood accents act like “flashers”, giving the illusion of a school of bait-fish.

Yamamoto Neoprene is closed-cell foams made from 100% CR (Chloroprene Rubber) and is 99.7 calcium carbonate, derived from limestone versus petroleum-based like many other neoprene manufacturers.

To accommodate different styles and types of spear-guns, the suits feature both chest and thigh loading pads, allowing bluewater, big-gun spearos to load those long, 5 band guns easier. The hoods have an integrated, one-way vent on top and have a smooth fabric lining to make them slip on and off effortlessly.

Dogtooth Wetsuit closeup details.
Dogtooth Wetsuit closeup details.

Priced at $435.00 USD, the suits are offered in both Men and Women cuts with 8 sizes to choose from, giving many fit options. For ordering information, visit the website at