Sunday, June 20, 2021

DOL-Fin Pilot2 – One Month From Crowd-Funding To Completion


The DOL-Fin Pilot2, first seen in concept by in our “10 Days With The Evil Genius Of Freediving” article, has had it’s first production prototype finished.  Ron Smith, the fin’s inventor, put out a call on Facebook in late December 2014 for people willing to help “crowdfund” the initial project.  Looking at the completed product (pictures below) it looks like their faith has paid off.

“Only one month from kickoff to completion for the DOL-Fin Pilot2 project. That’s gotta be some kinda record for the development of a new monofin product. In all fairness though, I’ve had several years of work to get my tools and technology mature enough that I could produce this level of quality so quickly.” said Smith

The fins will be available on general sale shortly, look out on for more details.

DOL-Fin Pilot2 DOL-Fin Pilot2 DOL-Fin Pilot2 DOL-Fin Pilot2

DOL-Fin Pilot2 - One Month From Crowd-Funding To Completion 4
Stephan Whelan
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