Friday, September 24, 2021

Double CMAS Freediving World Records From Italy


Italian Freedivers Davide Carrera and Chiara Obino set new World Records under CMAS rules on Saturday 3rd September 2016.  They were both diving in the “Fabrizio Accorte Memorial” organized by Blueworld Apnea in Cagliari, Italy.

Carrera dived a 111m /364ft in the Constant Weight (with Monofin) discipline.  Obino completed a 80m / 263ft dive in the Constant Weight (with Bi-fins) discipline.

CMAS, unlike other federations like AIDA, split the Constant Weight category into two disciplines – one with the Monofin and one with the Bi-Fins.

You can find out more from the competition at the Blueworld Apnea Cagliari Facebook page.

Double CMAS Freediving World Records From Italy 3
Stephan Whelan
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