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Down Time

OK, we all have them.?? Come on, EVERYONE HAS THEM, they’re all the rage you know!?? But just what do we do with them??? There no good to just leave as they are, they are just too bare.?? Do you know what I mean??? Well, all of you that knew I was talking about coffee tables, well you need to see a shrink, the rest of you don’t worry this article isn’t about coffee tables.?? Its about something that should be on top of every respectable divers coffee table.

"What’s that" I hear you say, well its a copy of Down Time, the book that contains GREAT WRITERS ON DIVING.?? So "Who Then?" I hear coming from the crowds…well we have a pot-pouri of different people, including Michael Crichton, James Hamilton-Paterson, Hans Hass and James Jones.?? They all seem to tell their tales in their own way, and often with words that we all wish we could inspire our colleagues and friends with!

Of course don’t take my word for it, here is what Jean-Michel COUSTEAU has to say about it…

"With Down Time, the Kittrells have achieved something big and wonderful. ?? Divers often struggle to put their experiences into words, but here are the voices of well-known writers who have ventured into the underwater world.?? They turn diving into a journey of mind and spirit.?? This is a diverse, colorful, and ultimately transformative selection of writings on our complex relationship with the sea"

Well, I can’t really follow praise like that, needless to say that as I turned every page, I could feel the underwater world I have experienced many a time, come alive out of the pages.

The most amazing thing about this book is the way people write about diving over the past 70 years.?? Your guides make you cry, laugh and nod in agreement…This is a must buy for any diver or an excellent present for someone who isn’t and should be!??

You can buy it from HERE


"Down Time is by far the best literary collection about scuba diving that we’ve ever seen.covers all the bases."

— Rodale’s Scuba Diving magazine

"Down Time is an anthology of diving adventures, meditations, and yarns by the best writers around.?? Thrilling, funny, and original, this is terrific writing."

— Undercurrent magazine

"Mix the metaphors of a dozen or more great writers with the keen observations of underwater pioneers. and you’ve got (this) sensational collection. Will surely satisfy every diver’s urge to express the beauty of our water world."

— Sport Diver magazine

"This is real life experiences and observations by writers who know how to string two words together.?? A truly remarkable book.(that) will no doubt remain a major work in the library of the oceans."

— Scuba Diver magazine (Australia)

"I found Down Time entertaining, educational (even for this veteran diver) and preeminently worthwhile for the discerning selection of its contributors. It is a bedside table book to browse and enjoy."

— Stan Waterman, underwater photographer and author

"An absolutely fascinating collection of diving stories.this book is ideal for new and old divers alike."

— Dive New Zealand magazine

??"An eclectic, inspiring collection.providing insight to the underwater world and putting into words the wonderful experience of scuba diving.?? A refreshing approach indeed."


"Down Time offers a wealth of viewpoints and voices, all centering on the experience of being ‘down there’".??

— Ocean Realm magazine

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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