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Dr. Sylvia Earle at Planet Week Bonaire

Some time back Dr. Sylvia Earle set the women’s depth record of 1250 feet (381 meters) in an open-ocean jim suit dive, and she also holds the women’s record for a solo dive in a deep submersible (3280 feet, 1000 meters). Her most recent accomplishment was to work with Google to post the world’s oceans on Google Earth (version 5). Her goal is to get the word out that everyone simply must begin taking better care of the world’s oceans. 

“Her mantra, “without the blue, there is no green” should sound a resounding warning bell for not only divers, but everyone, as the health of the planet’s oceans will directly impact every human being on earth.  We all must be more aware of what we are putting into the oceans, as well as what we are taking out.  In recent decades, the demand for seafood has exponentially exploded, and the seas simply cannot withstand the demand and impact anymore. ” (Bonaireinsider journal source)

Dr. Earle met Brazilian freediving athlete and world record champion freediver, Karol Meyer during her new record commemoration party at Buddy Dive Resort pool bar, Bonaire.

These two amazing women had the opportunity to discuss Bonaire ocean beauties and share their passion for the sea and marine life.

Karol Meyer invited Dr. Sylvia to freedive with her at the Meros Park – Brazil and also Dr. Sylvia also invited the champion to submerge in a submarine, working out ways together on how to protect our ocean.

According to Karol Meyer, “They both strongly feel that there is still time to make changes that would a allow full sea recovery.”

Dr. Sylvia also gave a special message to the Brazilian people, magically captured by Clécio Mayrink – BrasilMergulho and Rodrigo from DecoStop Magazine.


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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