Wednesday, December 2, 2020

DUI Announces Exclusive Distributor for United Kingdom


DUI is pleased to announce Hydrotech as DUI’s exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom.

"As DUI looks to the future, it is important to align ourselves with partners that have the same vision as we do," states DUI President, Susan Long. "Hydrotech is an established distributor with a dealer network and superior service center that will provide DUI customers with the quality they expect from DUI products within their own country."

Hydrotech is the wholesale manufacturing division of Stoney Cove Marine Trials Limited with over eighteen years of in-depth knowledge of the UK market. "DUI is an excellent addition to the lines Hydrotech distributes," states Hydrotech Sales Manager, Tim Burroughs. "DUI’s quality and reputation is second to none in the UK." Hydrotech will maintain stock for immediate delivery to it’s dealers as well as provide repair and warranty service.

In addition to developing a select group of dealers to represent DUI products to UK divers, Hydrotech will be doing product demos every weekend at local dive sites and working with DUI’s distributor in Germany, Tauch und Reisewelt, to bring DUI’s DOG Rally & Demo Days to England. "Though DUI’s marketing efforts might be a bit unconventional, especially for the English market, you can’t deny the success they are having at the diver level," states Burroughs.

Hydrotech will have stock available for delivery as of March 1, 2004.

DUI Announces Exclusive Distributor for United Kingdom 3
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