Early Technical Diving Equipment Will Be On Display At TEKDIVE USA

TEKDiveUSA Releases 2018 Speaker Bios
TEKDiveUSA Releases 2018 Speaker Bios

If you’re both a history and technical diving buff, there’s an exhibit at this year’s TEKDIVE USA conference later this month that will whet your historical and technical whistle.

The Historical Diving Society announced this week that Michael Menduno, the founder of aquaCORPS, the original tek.Conference, and Rebreather Forum, as well as a new staff member of the Journal of Diving History, will be curating an exhibit titled “Pushing the Envelope” on early technical diving equipment at TEKDIVE USA in Orlando, Florida April 27th through the 29th.

Among the gear on exhibit will be the late cave explorer Sheck Exley’s famous red drysuit as well as shipwreck explorer Gary Gentile’s first DUI CF-200 drysuit. Additionally, you’ll be able to check out early tech rebreathers such as the Halcyon PVR-BASC, the original MEG, BUDDY INSPIRATION, semi-closed PRISM, Cis-Lunar MK4, pre-classic KISS, Dräger Atlantis, early dive computers like the BRIDGE, and even early-model scooters like the AquaZepp and Gavin Zeus. There will also be some rare and unique hardware like a Frank Martz neutrally-buoyant cave reel prototype.

For more info and to register for the convention, go to tekdiveusa.com.