Eating a Sea Enemy – Lionfish Cookbook

The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) announces the release of “The Lionfish Cookbook”.  This colourful new receipe book boasts a collection of 45 delicious recipes designed to encourage the removal and consumption of invasive lionfish in the Atlantic. Apparently, Lionfish have a delicate, mild-flavored, white meat and are considered a delicacy.

Special instructions are given on how to fillet a lionfish as they do have nasty venomous spines.

Invasive lionfish are a new threat to western Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico waters. With voracious appetites and few native predators lionfish impacts to native marine are likely to be severe. The book says that lionfish are “delicious table fare with a delicate buttery flavour” and be the best hope for helping to remove the fish from unwanted areas of the ocean and minimize its impacts.

Lionfish populations pose a serious risk to marine ecosystems through their predation on native marine life including both commercially and ecologically important species.

The book can be ordered from here.


Eating a Sea Enemy - Lionfish Cookbook 1