If you’re a big fan of champion freediver Guillaume Néry — and let’s face it, who isn’t — and have wanted to learn more about his training methods and life story, you’re in luck: The English version of his book “Depths” goes on sale this week.

Co-written by Luc Le Vaillant and translated by Lara Vergnaud, “Depths” — originally published in French in 2015 — immerses the reader in the heart of Néry’s training, his routine, his performances, and the technical difficulties he has had to overcome.

More than just a sport, freediving for Néry is a philosophy of life, a way to reconnect with himself and explore the ocean, to confront danger, especially the letting go, the acceptance of the physiological and climatic constraints to adapt to this universe which is the bottom of the seas.

Retailing for €21.50 (~US$24), the book will only be available on the bluenery.com website.

Click here to order your copy.

Guillaume Nery’s ‘Depths’