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EOS 20RZ: Be Illuminated!

There was truly nothing missing from Mares’ EOS RZ range of torches: rechargeable, zoomable, easy to use and safe thanks to the adjustable fastening strap – the ideal solution for illuminating any dive. Yet, Mares has managed todo even more, expanding the range with a new product: the EOS 20RZ. With more than 20,000 lux of luminous intensity, it is one of the highest performance torches on the market.

It is astonishingly bright, but that’s not all. The new magnetic, rotating zoom is one of its unique, innovative characteristics allowing for easy and immediate use at any depth, with the possibility of focusing or widening the beam of light, even with one hand.

The light beam is created by a 240mm hot spot with a 1550mm flood and a color temperature of 7800°K.

Its burn time is also excellent (more than an hour and a half at maximum power, 3 hours at minimum power) and the battery is functional and fully rechargeable in about 7 hours.

Heavy duty and wear resistant, like all of the EOS torches, the new EOS 20RZ is the ideal solution for divers looking for perfect underwater lighting!

You can find out more at the Mares EOS 20RZ Website.

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