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Equinox Housings Announces ProPak 6 Underwater Housing for SONY DVD Cams

Equinox Housings continues to be a leading innovator in underwater camera housings for video cameras. Standard features on the ProPak 6 includes 4-5 manual controls including power on/off, record start/stop, photo still and zoom, along with a memory switch. Additional features include a wide angle lens, color correction filter and a spare parts kit. The ProPak 6 is depth rated to 250 feet and is close to neutrally-buoyant at 33 feet.

Along with a three-year warranty, the ProPak 6 also includes the exclusive Equinox "safety ballast" feature. If trouble occurs during a dive, users can simply pull a quick-release pin on the housing and the housing becomes positively buoyant and travels harmlessly to the surface.

"SONY’s DVD cam allows someone to take their video images straight from the camera to a television or monitors. We’re pleased to help make it simpler than ever for underwater videographers to take quality footage using this system," points out T.J. Mansfield of Equinox.

Mansfield said that all ProPak 6 housings have the same body design and are tailored specifically to the camera being used. The average ProPak6 housing size is 8-10 inches long by 6.5 inches wide. Out-of-water weight is 15-22 pounds with the safety ballast attached.

Equinox stocks an inventory of ProPak 6 housings for the most popular cameras on the market. Some housings are built to order. Through this philosophy, Equinox can accommodate almost any customer no matter which camera is used or how old the camera is.

For more information about the entire Equinox Housing line, visit the company’s website at or call 269-321-9598.

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