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Evolve USA Innovates Again

Phillip Ko and Evan Snyder of Kona, Hawaii’s Evolve USA, LLC had a plethora of new products to share at DEMA Show 2017.

Evolve’s new carbon fiber fins are hand-made in France. Unlike most fins on the market, the blades offer multiple graduated carbon fiber layers starting with the thickest/stiffest layers at the foot pocket, where holes can be drilled to attach to your favorite foot pocket, and getting gradually thinner toward the end of the blade. This helps transfer the power and force of your kick downward toward the tip of the fin, which conserves energy, optimizes your stride as you kick, and results in more power.

Evolve’s Heavy Duty Rotomolded Cooler line was a big hit at the show. Designed and rated to keep your items cold for 7-10 days, these coolers are made of food-grade materials and feature seamless, rotomolded construction for strength and durability, a sweat-free design, easy-to-carry folding handles and lid handles, flex-latches, easy plug drains, freezer-style seal, and a place for padlocks. The coolers are IGBC Certified, so they meet bear-resistance requirements for use on many public lands and campgrounds. Yes, they actually filled the coolers with irresistible snacks and threw them in a pit of bears to try to dismantle.

The bottom of the cooler has reversible feet. One side of the feet are non-slip rubber and the other side is smooth. A quick change will either keep the cooler still or allow you to slide it with ease. Here’s a Pro Tip from Phillip Ko:

“Use the rubber feet on one side and smooth feet on the other to give you both options while you’re on your boat!”

Seeing a real gap in the market, Evolve launched its Hybrid Cooler. Halfway between a high-end rotomold cooler and a low-end box store special, it’s half the weight and has half the holding power of the heavy duty cooler. It holds 19 quarts (22 cans plus ice) and will keep cold for 3-5 days. It’s the perfect size for SUPs, kayaks, canoes, and your next tailgate party and retails for just $69.99/~60 Euros.

Evolve just became the Hawaiian distributor of the RinseKit Portable Shower. Coming soon is the Heater Accessory so you can get a hot shower on cold days just by plugging into your car or boat’s 12-volt power adapter. Also coming is the RinseKit Tote, which is soft-side, carries 50% more water (3 gallons instead of 2) and can double as an insulated cooler.

Finally, the company also showed off a number of new performance floats including specific versions for Freediving and Spearfishing users.

You can see Evolve’s complete product line at Evo-USA.com.

Branon Edwards
Branon Edwards
Branon Edwards is a PADI Certified Divemaster who has been scuba diving in South Florida for over three decades. He is a real estate broker and freelance writer who lives on a sailboat in Fort Lauderdale.