F.I.I. Launches Updated Website

Freediving Instructors International Homepage
Freediving Instructors International Homepage

Freediving Instructors International recently updated their website with a host of new features.

“F.I.I. is proud to launch its new website for summer 2015,” according to F.I.I. Founder and world record freediver Martin Stepanek. “With several new and exciting features that are first in the industry, F.I.I. continues to push the envelope offering the most comprehensive education program and outstanding service available.”

One of F.I.I.’s goals in updating the website was to provide the freediving community with convenient access to some important areas of the agency’s Quality Assurance Program, Niki Stepankova tells DeeperBlue.com.

These newly launched features range from an F.I.I. Instructor Verification service which guarantees the instructor is a genuine F.I.I. certified instructor and has “Active” teaching status for the course offered, she said. Additionally:

We have launched a Verify a F.I.I. Freediver search granting access to boat operators, pool facilities, and event directors to verify the freediver is certified to engage in freedive activities without the physical presence of a certification card. The new online Course Feedback service provides students with an unedited public avenue to share their course and agency experience thus establishing complete transparency in our operations. Additionally, there is a Missing Card and Replacement Card feature where students can re-order certifications via an automated online service. Through these services, F.I.I. provides a connection between agency and community ensuring everyone can become involved in the process of upholding the integrity and quality of the F.I.I. educational system.

To check out F.I.I.‘s course offerings, go to www.freedivinginstructors.com.