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F.R.E.E announce World Championship event

“Dear freedivers of the world,

F.R.E.E. is happy to announce its first international competition: F.R.E.E. Constant Ballast World Open Championship. During the three years that have passed after our foundation in 1998, we feel confident that we finally have accumulated the knowledge and experience to launch this event and to make it a success.

This championship reflects the very particular and specific points of view of F.R.E.E. regarding freediving competitions and therefore it is a very different event from any other so far organized in freediving.

– This is a Constant Ballast Championship, concentrating on the 3 categories that F.R.E.E. defines as constant ballast: Equipment Assisted Constant Ballast, Line Assisted Constant Ballast and Unassisted Constant Ballast. The definition for these categories can be found in F.R.E.E.’s webpage, section “”Record Rules””.
– This is a Team, Individual and Nations competition all at once. We feel that this is important in order to encourage competition in all its different ways.
– This competition will be realized under the same strict safety guidelines enforced by F.R.E.E. for World Record Attempts. Every aspect that we consider important will be covered, therefore we expect and hope for new world records to be attempted during this competition.
– This is an “”Open”” championship because there is no selection process required for participation. Every freediver that feels he/she has the level of skill and experience needed for a competition of this caliber is welcome to participate. This is a “”World”” championship because freedivers from all over the world are welcome to participate.
– There will be no restrictions over diving equipment and level of performances in this competition, so long as all applicable rules are complied with. We feel that this is important in order to encourage progress in general in freediving.

You can find out more about it at

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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