F.R.E.E confirm Yasmin's dive

“We’ve just received the following Press Release from F.R.E.E International:

July 17th, 2001
F.R.E.E. (Freediving Regulations & Education Entity)

Dear freedivers of the world,

F.R.E.E. is happy to announce a New World Record. On Sunday July 15th, at 16:25 hours, Turkish freediver Yasemin Dalkilic established a New World Record in the Limited Variable Ballast category. She dove to a depth of 105 meters/344 feet in a total dive time of 2:38 minutes, of which 1:10 minutes were spent on the descent, 2 seconds at the bottom and 1:26 minutes for the ascent. The dive took place near the island of Abu Ramada off the coast of Hurghada in the Egyptian Red Sea.

The previous record in this category of 100 meters/328 feet had been established also by Yasemin Dalkilic on July 19th 2001. F.R.E.E. judges Bob Hambidge (USA) and Jayne Mayer (England) were appointed to verify this performance. Ms. Mayer was positioned at the bottom where she witnessed Yasemin’s arrival at the 105 meter mark and Mr. Hambidge was positioned at the surface, where he verified her return to the zero mark.

F.R.E.E. wishes to congratulate Yasemin on this spectacular achievement and wishes her continued success in her career. F.R.E.E. also wishes to congratulate the Organizing Committee for their meticulous work and their strict compliance to the F.R.E.E. standards. Special congratulations to DIVERS’ LODGE, the dive center that provided all the logistical and technical support as well as the safety team needed for this attempt. We also wish to thank the Inter Continental Hotel for the hospitality extended to our judgesand Yasemin’s team and title sponsor Quantum Watches for their great promotional work for the event.

As is our tradition, F.R.E.E. will provide the needed space on our website for Yasemin to share the story and images of this record with all other freedivers.

Safe diving to all

F.R.E.E. International

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Stephan Whelan
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