Film Stirs Controversy at AIDA Worlds

Update (September 2004): Sebastien Nagel has provided an update on his position. See this news item

Vancouver, BC 12:12 EDT – A pre-release screening of Alki David’s film The Freediver to an audience of world -class competitors in Vancouver was greeted with giggles and controversy. After the screening, AIDA President Sebastien Nagel announced that AIDA would withdraw sanction of the event scheduled for next month in Greece, organized by David and involving Martin Stepanek, Herbert Nitsch and Carlos Coste. Nagel cited AIDA regulations specifying that the organizer of a sanctioned event must reliably comply with AIDA safety standards, and that based upon what the film depicted, Alki David, in his judgement, does not.

Nagel added that he had instructed AIDA’s attorneys to initiate legal action against Alki David.

Reporting on yesterday’s training in Vancouver, from Stephan Whelan on location, will be posted later today.