Finnfin Now Providing Custom-Made Diving Fins

New company offering custom made diving fins
New company offering custom made diving fins

Finnfin, a new diving start up, is now providing divers with custom-made fins that incorporate a whole host of new innovations.

The new company offers plenty of customisation options so you can create the perfect fin.

Options from Finnfin include:

  • Foot pockets perfectly molded to each diver’s feet;
  • Kevlar fibre and carbon foot pockets for optimum power transfer efficiency;
  • Foot pockets that can be attached to various types of fin blade on offer, both Mono and Stereo;
  • Customisable fin blades;
  • Custom angle for each foot pocket, to ensure the blade remains parallel with the direction of travel;
  • An accessory that enables the ankle angle to be locked, giving the diver a choice of muscle groups to use for propulsion; and
  • Lightweight construction, with a multi-material buoyancy compensation to ensure uniform performance at various depths.

You can find out more by visiting the Finnfin Website here.