Just like the ski industry went from functional skis with nothing drawn on them to functional skis with a fashion sense, so do Britons Matthew and Michelle Lewis think that the same thing will happen with dive gear, even the snorkeling fin.

The Lewises were on vacation in the Caribbean when they saw a group of vacationing girls change their bikinis more than three times in a single day, and then put on a drab-colored set of fins to go snorkeling. That was when the idea struck them to manufacture a snorkeling fin with a fashionable design on it.

That resulted in the Funky Fins, which have a series of stylish designs encapsulated within the blades. In the first 18 months that they have been in the British market, the Lewises were able to sell 4,000 pairs of fins, and Matthew told DeeperBlue that they had received a great deal of interest from U.S. dive shop owners while attending this week’s DEMA Show in Las Vegas.