First Annual "Cleanest Playground" Contest

Get ready to get trashed! Thousands of scuba divers are sinking to new depths in a nationwide effort to clean up their favorite playground — local waters. The HammerHeads, a group of diving-enthusiasts sponsored by The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA), are teaming up with Kodak and Sea & Sea Underwater Photography, USA for the first annual “Cleanest Playground” contest. By rewarding the most environmentally-friendly chapter, the contest promotes efforts to improve the marine habitat while giving HammerHeads the opportunity to give back to the very resource that makes great diving possible, according to Regina Franklin, executive director for DEMA.

“The health of local waters and oceans is paramount to the continued growth and development of the diving industry,” said Franklin. “This contest allows the HammerHeads to improve the marine environment while documenting their clean-up efforts using the latest technology in underwater photography. A cleaner underwater environment ultimately means better diving-so it’s a win-win situation.”

Here’s how it works. Chapters that wish to enter must send photographic proof and a short essay describing their commitment to the environment by December 3, 2000. And the stakes are high! The winning chapter will win the opportunity to represent the HammerHeads at DEMA Show 2001 in New Orleans. The winning chapter will also receive the following prizes:

  • An MX-10 Camera (retail value $699.95).
  • Free Kodak film for a year (up to 200 rolls).
  • Winning photos featured on the HammerHeads Web site.
  • An award to be presented at DEMA Show 2001.
  • All chapters that submit photos and an essay will win ten rolls of Kodak Max 400 36 exposure film to capture the memories of the next HH event.

The HammerHeads are a social group of scuba diving enthusiasts who get together to explore their local waters, and are sponsored in part by DEMA, Kodak and Sea & Sea Underwater Photography, USA. There are more than 50 HammerHeads chapters nationwide that organize a variety of fun events and activities including monthly group dives, theme parties and underwater photography contests. For more information about DEMA activities and the

HammerHeads, contact [ formula ] PR at (619)234-0345, or visit

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